Wiseasy Makes Inroads into Middle East, Introduces New Gen AI Service Terminal


iT-News ( Wiseasy ) – Beijing Wiseasy Technology Co., Ltd., China’s next generation business payment solution provider is delighted to announce the launch of WISEBOT3, a revolutionary AI service terminal with capabilities such as face recognition and voice interaction at the Wiseasy Global Symposium in Dubai.  With this device, Wiseasy is making its foray into the Middle East and will demonstrate its prowess as the world leader in smart POS and solutions provider.

Mr. Li Yan, founder and CEO of Wiseasy notes, “We believe after 2018, there are only two types of business terminals, AI capable and non-AI capable. The era of dividing business terminals by intelligent systems and functional systems is over. Terminals without AI capabilities will be trapped in a price war;terminals without operational capability and service value will be eliminated as a result of the use of intelligent operating systems.  Based on this market trend, we are introducing several AI service terminals into the market place.« 

WISEBOT3 is a combination of several exclusive functions like face recognition for membership, automatic discount, personalized marketing and other self-check services.

Along with WISEBOT3, Wiseasy is bringing its unique and innovative business solutions with successful use cases to the Middle East, which not only enhances customer experience but also delivers business management convenience to the users. Wise Cloud management platform and the unparalleled one-stop payment solution PayCloud will be introduced as well.

At 2019 Seamless Middle East, beyond the debut of WISEBOT3, Wiseasy will introduce its full series of solutions and business terminals. As Mr. Li founder and CEO remarks, “the Middle East market plays a critical role in our global marketing strategy. We hope the export of innovative and mature business solutions will make China smart financial terminal development beneficial to more people in the Middle East.”

About Wiseasy Technology Co., Ltd.

Headquartered in Beijing, Wiseasy is a leader of new-age payment systems defined by intelligent payment terminals, code payment value-added cloud and facial recognition AI platforms. Their products have passed security certifications in several countries and by international card organizations including PayPass, Paywave, and EMV and so on.  With over 1,000 technology partners and payment agencies, Wiseasy’s products have been exported to over 60 countries serving dozens of industries.


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