TECNO CAMON 15 with TAIVOS™ has the potential to be the true Night Shot King


iT-News (TECNO CAMON) – TECNO CAMON 15 is one of the most anticipated upcoming smartphones launchesthisSpring.Leaked information revealed that the CAMON 15 series camera will be supported by a cutting-edge SONY chip which is recognized as the leader in this industry. As its launch date approaches, recent revelations about the device areincreasingly intriguing. The latest update is that TECNO Mobile has trademarked TAIVOS™:

TECNO AI Vision Optimization Solution, a new technology utilized on TECNO CAMON 15 Series.

It is said TAIVOS™ is a signal processing technology. In other words, it’s a dedicated microprocessor that works together with AI algorithms to do one job: significantly enhance night-time photography, optimizingprocesses and renderings by making images clearer, enhancing night shots, and overall improvement through high-performance imaging algorithm capabilities.

According to leaks, TAIVOS™ enablesup to 15-frame synth with an imaging time of just 4.68 seconds while most other smartphones only achieves this in 5.5 seconds or even 7 seconds. That means that the photographs shot with TAIVOS™ are built froma composite of 15 image frames that can be analyzed and recombined pixel-for-pixel, vividly capturing each element in your sceneswith optimal contrast. This technology really pays off for all-day photo-taking lovers including night shots, since evening shades naturally tend to run together and darken after nightfall. Consumers are likely to be dazzled by these great photos since TAIVOS™is able to filter out image noise and optimize image clarity to deliver clear, balanced, vivid photographs even in low- to lower-light conditions.

As the TECNO CAMON 15 series official debut drawscloser, furtherleaks shows that the TECNO CAMON 15 series is expected to have exceptional high performance on both ultra-clear photography as well as strong night shot.

Information has leaked that TECNO will hold an online launch event on 25th of March to unveil this new product.

About TECNO Mobile

Born in 2006, TECNO Mobile is a premium brand from TRANSSION HOLDINGS. As the first dual-SIM brand in Africa, TECNO is dedicated to transforming state-of-art technologies into localized products under the guideline « Think Globally, Act Locally ». Since inception, TECNO has spread its presence in more than 40 countries across the world. Its product portfolio comprises smartphones, feature phones and tablets. As a fast-growing international brand, TECNO has achieved accumulative sales volume of 120 million units. It is one of the top three mobile brands in Africa and a global major player in industry. For more information please visit:www.tecno-mobile.com


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