After Successful Wisebot Launch, Wiseasy Paves Way For Global Domination in Payments Systems


iT-News ( Wiseasy ) – After unveiling its revolutionary new generation AI service terminal Wisebot at the Wiseasy Global Symposium in Dubai, Wiseasy Technology Co., Ltd is now looking to not just encapsulate the Middle East market, but the entire payments systems market space globally.

WiseBot, The Wiseasy AI Service Terminal integrates facial recognition and mobile payment in a new business model. Beyond providing aggregate payment, WISEBOT is a combination of several exclusive functions like face recognition for membership, automatic discount, personalized marketing and other self-check services. Its parent company, Beijing Wiseasy Technology Co., Ltd, is China’s foremost and leading business payment solution provider in smart POS. With the launch of Wisebot, Wiseasy Technology ventured into the Middle East and wants to position its prowess as the world leader in smart POS and solutions provider.

Li Yan is one of the founders and CEO of Beijing Wiseasy Technology Co., Ltd adds, “Middle East’s prodigious growth shows massive potential and the markets provide great opportunities for businesses like ours that are looking to penetrate unchartered territories. Dubai’s and overall, the region’s advantages include its location at the crossroads of three continents, vast energy reserves and rapidly growing populations.”

Throwing light on Wiseasy, Yan adds, “Our smart POS replaces traditional function POS. Our hardware and software enable staff to work with higher efficiency and more control in the field. We are more than a traditional manufacture or a device seller. Instead, we provide WISE CLOUD management platform based on the hardware, as well as the related functional software. We also have very strong capabilities in technical support for customers overseas. We can also provide customized development for customers with special needs, which include both ODM and OEM.”

In recent years, development of mobile payments has captured wide attention worldwide and is penetrating every industry vertical. China has been leading the world in building innovations in intelligent payment terminals and Wiseasy has been at the forefront.

About Wiseasy Technology Co. Ltd. 

Wiseasy is a pioneer of new-age payment systems, defined by intelligent payment terminals, code payment value-added cloud and facial recognition AI platforms. Their products have passed security certifications in several countries and international card organizations that include Mastercard PayPass, Visa Paywave, and India Secondly.


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