Ministry of Education endorses a strategic partnership between United Printing and Publishing and TechKnowledge to Deliver Nahla wa Nahil™, an Arabic Digital Reading Solution, to all Public and Private Schools in the UAE


iT-News (Ministry of Education) UPP, a strategic service provider to the Ministry of Education, has appointed TechKnowledge to provide a digital Arabic reading solution for all k-7 native and non-native Arabic speaking students across all public and private schools in the Emirates.

This strategic partnership provides unrestricted access to the award winning Arabic Digital Reading Solution, Nahla wa Nahil™, winner of the Best Primary Resource prize in the GESS Education Awards 2019, to all K-7 students across all schools in the UAE.

A main objective is to fuel young minds with passion to learn and read Arabic through this next generation adaptive learning literacy platform. The outcome will be significantly improved Arabic reading and comprehension skills across in all students across the UAE.

With this valuable partnership, students will be better equipped to improve their Arabic language and reading skills at their own pace using an engaging platform which adapts to and enhances their unique abilities. Nahla wa Nahil™ will be integrated into the ministry’s Learning Management System for all public schools.  Private schools will gain access directly through the Nahla wa Nahil™ web interface.

Our decision to provide nationwide access to Nahla wa Nahil™ is an outcome of the rapid digital transformation that the education sector is undergoing.  It is our objective to better prepare students for the 4th industrial revolution. With this strategic partnership, we are looking to embark upon the next generation of learning to help our students unleash their full potential and achieve greater excellence in Arabic literacy.”, says Dr. Hamad Alyahyaei Assistant undersecretary for curriculum and assessment sector at the ministry of Education, UAE.

It is absolutely critical that our children rediscover the love of the Arabic language.  Language is the foundation of culture and heritage and the Arabic language has been at risk of erosion.  We are proud that the Ministry of Education, after thorough evaluation, has chosen Nahla wa Nahil™ to be accessible to all k-7 students.  We look forward to working with UPP and the Ministry to roll out access to all schools in the UAE.”, says Rany AlBaghdadi, President of TechKnowledge.

About TechKnowledge:

TechKnowledge is the leading eLearning solutions provider in the Middle East and North Africa. Techknowledge partners with globally recognized publishers, scientific societies and education technology companies; The company’s mission is to ensure that students, schools, universities, healthcare, government and corporate have access to the most current and critical information at their fingertips in order to improve and advance learning, research and patient outcomes.

Al Manhal, a division of TechKnowledge; is the global leader in Arabic language e-learning solutions.  Their solutions include Nahla wa Nahil™, an Arabic language digital literacy solution for pre-school and elementary school learners, as well as its full-text searchable databases of Arabic scholarly and scientific publication for universities and research centers.

Together, TechKnowledge and Al Manhal aim to drive better outcomes in education, research and healthcare by providing next generation learning solutions to its customers.


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